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Ares: Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Theme
Ares: Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

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Phone Cases: The New It Fashion Accessory?

I RARELY “LOL.” That is, use the acronym in texts or email. I have never employed the word “fail” as a noun. And I only recently came around to using the wondrous language of emoji. I’m not a Luddite or grandparent, but there are certain slightly juvenile parts of modern…

Can You Enjoy the Galaxy S8 Without a Case?

Samsung just launched two of the most hyped phones of 2017, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. Not only are these the state of the art phones on the Android market, they are also a shot across the bows of Samsung's biggest rival in the smartphone business, Apple.…

iPhone Apps: How They Are Driving Businesses to Grow

With the continuous release of iOS updates and latest versions, Apple is making great efforts to surpass the technological boundaries. With its wide array of ongoing and impending advancements, its usage is increasing to a huge extent and thus, it is becoming the preferable choice of entrepreneurs for app development.…

6 Useful Accessories for the Smartphone

From portable chargers to stay powered up for longer, extra lenses for the phone's camera, or a waterproof case, there are plenty of fun and practical smartphone accessories. A well-chosen selection accessories can increase the usability of the phone and make it perform things that aren't possible on its own.…